Disposal of Sharps Outside of Healthcare Facilities


Disposal of Sharps Outside of Healthcare Facilities


Tips for Health Care suppliers

Health care suppliers ought to advise their patients on the safe disposal of needles and different sharps. the subsequent info ought to facilitate health care suppliers counsel their patients concerning safe sharps disposal:

Find out concerning the sharps disposal programs out there in your space and share this info along with your patients. If pamphlets are out there, think about inserting them in your workplace room.

To learn concerning sharps disposal pointers and programs in your community, visit the Safe Needle Disposal website for additional info specific to your state.

Print out the DOs and DON’Ts of correct sharps disposal for your patients.


Tips for Employers and Businesses

The risk of needle sticks, cuts and punctures from needles and different sharps is high in facilities like airports, hotels, restaurants, and workplace buildings. In these places, individuals are additionally able to throw their used needles and sharps into the trash.

Employers and businesses ought to think about providing sharps disposal containers in restrooms or different selected areas and build staff and guests conscious of the placement of the containers. Businesses with sharps disposal containers in their restrooms may have to register with their state and/or native authorities as a "sharps assortment station" as a result they'll be thought of as “waste generators." Contact your state and/or native authorities for legal necessities that apply to the waste generated on their premises.